About KC

Greetings, I’m KC

I’m a mystic, psychic medium. I do readings, energy work and create spiritual aromatherapy. The majority of work I do is remote by e-mail, some in person. I offer these services at Expo’s, and mail order with my products.

My Story: I had an experience and I’ve been forever changed. In hind sight this may have been building throughout my life, but the actual change happened in less than an hour. I know I died, I just don’t know if it was my spirit or physical body. I was alone and at home.

I had been sick for 5 weeks with pneumonia, a fever over 105. I tried to return to work, to save my job. I was a preschool teacher and way too sick and weak to be around anyone. I was trembling and sweating, I said I had to leave. I was told if I left, I was fired. So I returned home, upset, defeated and apparently dying, sat down to cry. I said to God, I need a job I can support my family with, no matter how sick, deaf or blind or crippled I may be. It has to come sit in my lap because I’m done looking. I proceeded to turn on the TV, there was a horror flick on. Something in the show triggered a total recall, every latent hidden buried traumatic memory came flooding in. (talk about frying your last nerve), Then like a genius moment, full cosmic understanding. (that faded after 45 days) Everything sure seemed clear and simple for that time.

A white light (Shekinah or Holy Spirit) came down through my head and flooded me. Like a musical instrument being tuned. Triggering all my chakras, energy meridians and full kundalini awakening. (none of which I knew about prior to this) Each and every one of these has an associated angel with it. I was flooded with love and light and music, all this light and music was coming out of my pours, my hands, everywhere. I felt like I was levitating, I was leaving my body. It was beautiful and like a musical symphony, complete cross sensory perception, a little bit of seizing and then I died. (I heard: Let Go)

I floated to the abyss, where it was dark weightless and soothing. That was probably just a second, then at God speed I was whisked though these tunnels and wormholes, past the planets and galaxies I knew, I could touch them. I was holding an angels hand. It was Archangel Metatron. We stopped and there was a guy upside down on a cross with keys. I realized that was so I’d recognize St. Peter. He gave me the keys and we entered the gates of Heaven.

I was taken to see Mother Mary in her grotto. The heart of Heaven. We had an embrace with a ton of down loaded information with it, there was a smell of rich soil, moss and roses. I then was brought before Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Goddess Isis (they all meshed into one form) for some negotiating and special accommodation, gifts and equipment.(Really this was extremely overwhelming and beautiful and would take forever to explain) I was asked if I was ready to return. I was not.

I then I requested to see God. I was taken to the highest mountain peak in Heaven, where I looked down and saw the brightest, most glorious sun rise (dawn: redemption). I cried and said, I can not perceive him. (spoil alert, that was God) I was whisked away to emergency surgery in Heaven with the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. They removed every malady and cancer or any other health issue I had, and replaced it with gems of our lord. This was a breast plate actually that was meshed into my soul. No one could take this away, my God given worthiness to remember. I made it clear I’m likely to forget the details. So back to Mother Mary and Quan Yin and Isis. They presented me with an amulet to remember. The armor of God, a staph of enlightenment, some other tools, a few crowns and 3 sets of wings to travel back and forth without aid. A few coronations and a marriage ceremony. My king(soul husband) and my soul’s meshed and went super nova and then I was back.

I’m brought back for a continuing ed periodically. I was then ready and anxious to get back to my children. Which somehow this was all completed before they came home from school. When it was done, I was no longer sick. I was psychic and could see through people and objects as if they were all glass or gelatin. I could feel other peoples feelings. I found it was just as easy to move those feelings around as if it was music and I was the musician.

My mission of this experience was I was to let people know: You are Worthy, You are Infinitely Loved!

Humanity is ready to turn on their lights, their soul beacons. (aka chakras and kundalini awakening) Humanity as a whole had 2 chakras out of alignment that were holding up their Divine connection. 1. Their solar plexus= Their SELF WORTH was lacking, and 2. Their heart = SELF LOVE because they do not feel Worthy of Love, probably hadn’t received enough and felt it was because they were lovable. They just need to switch their polarity. Basically get some sunshine and warmth, in the form of Unconditional Love, and accept it! When no one is giving us love and support, we must give it to ourselves and others. Keep the flow going. As we give out true unconditional love and support, it comes back, even if it’s only coming from the Divine.