My Angelic Team:

Many people have published many varieties of Archangel information. I am not going to repeat Biblical or other's information, only as it applies in my experience or in readings or connection.

There are many more angels, but I'm going to write about the ones I work with daily.

Archangels are omnipresent and have multi functions. They will appear to me as different genders to emphasize a point. Genders are mutable in angels.

I may experience angels as winged beings at times for identification, and their colors are also to identify and their function or how they are assisting when I see them.

It was made known to me that angels are an energy:frequency:vibration that flows through us and can fill us. When we are to weak they will sustain us and keep us protected from lesser energies occupying our space:soul.

If in doubt, as to what energy in within you, call upon the Holy Spirit to encompass you. The Divine will be overwhelmingly Love.

Archangels will often come with a hue, a scent, a sound. Always a pleasant hue, scent, sound. Other signs may be a loved one in spirit (perfume of your mother or tobacco you grandfather smoked). If the smell is rancid or a horrible sound or color, it is not of the Divine. It may be a sick relative, but most likely something to protect yourself from immediately. Discerning: sometimes you will be tricked by a unidentifiable spirits offering power or gifts, this is not Divine. They may come as beautiful, or children or animals.  If you don't recognize the spirit, no matter how wonderful they seem or what they have to offer, do not open yourself to them. Even if they are innocent, they may not be alone.

I mostly work with and are familiar with the Archangels of the 4 Cardinal directions and the Archangels of the Kabbalah. There are a few more I work with. I am aware of and will see or hear from other angels, even fallen angels, but I do not work with the fallen. I am just aware of them. The watchers will show up sometimes with cosmic views and huge events.




















I'm including the color code key that applies to your Soul Reflection Reading colors

Soul Reflections Angels by KC Matronia

White: Holy Spirit

White, golden sparkles: Jesus Christ

everything, commanding submission, ressurection

White, silver sparkles: Shekinah

knowledge, quickening, life, conception

Icy White: Metatron

spiritual evolution, light body activation, children

Soft White: Cassiel

peace & harmony, eye of the storm

Dark Indigo: Raziel

cosmic father, universal secret mysteries

Lilac: Tzaphkiel

5th eye, perceiving the angelic realms

Violet: Zadkiel & Amethyst

intuition, manifestation, purification 

Blue:  Michael & Faith, Ariel

trust, truth, faith, protection, communication, throat

Turquoise: Haniel

Higher Divine Love, soul expression 

Pink:  Chamuel & Charity

love, tolerance, gratitude, Divine heart

Green: Raphael & Mother Mary

healing, renewal, sciences, heart

Yellow:  Jophiel & Christine

self worth, will power, courage, wisdom, solar plexus

Orange: Gabriel & Hope

creativity, nurturing, procreation, passion, sacral

Red: Uriel & Aurora

survival, devotion, foundation, ideals, root

Gold, nature: Sandalphon

environment, global awareness