Soul Reflections

Soul Reflection Reading by E-mail

Reading Options & Pricing

Size (Time) Questions : Focus* Pages Typed Price
15 Minutes 1 Question ½ Page $40
30 Minutes 2 Questions 1 Page $75
45 Minutes 3 Questions 1½ Pages $100
1 Hour 4 Questions 2 Pages $135
1½ Hours 6 Questions 3 Pages $200
2 Hours 8 Questions 4 Pages $260

*This can be your area of focus or any concerns that you want addressed in your reading.



KC Matronia: Mystic, Psychic Medium (with cross sensory perception), Energy Worker, Aromatherapist

Any service I offer is to help empower you. You deserve to be healthy, happy and find true unconditional love. I want you to realize you have a lot more control of your life than you’ve previously thought. Energy goes where we focus. We choose what we focus on. We may be under construction but we have what we need to get our mission done. I’m here to help you unlock your gifts.


Soul Reflection Reading

I will scan your aura/soul from head to toe. What comes to the foreground typically is your Akashic records, chakras, Kabbalah tree of life, your original soul blueprint, health, soul’s purpose, trajectory of your life, soul compass, career and love path, your angels, sometimes your family either alive or deceased, pets, guides and much more. I can see attachments, or magic or healing symbols in your sphere also. I will address the questions you submit.


Health Reading

If you have health concerns, or a specific health issue you’d like me to looks at I see your body much like an MRI but with energy meridians included. Sometimes I see microscopically, and other times more generally. In this type of reading it’s best not to be vague with your questions. If you want to know if you have kidney cancer, come right out an ask. You don’t want me telling you all about your heart if you really need to know about your kidneys. This is just extrasensory perception, there are still a few things that are new to me and I may not recognize them for what they are. I will share whatever I see that is not of good health. I often will see the balance, and what can bring that balance to you. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or any other medical practitioner.


Past Life Reading

With a past life reading I am usually guided to what ever life or lives will help you with any current issue you are working to over come. I can also check if you have had a past life with a particular person. I will need full names for any people I read. I usually get a time period, location, profession or lifestyle, soul’s purpose.


Mediumship Reading

If you’d like me to read a deceased loved one, pet. Their full name is required. I can read the person or animal even if they aren’t communicating in their own words. They will convey messages regardless of how.


Relationship Compatibility

I can achieve this if a few ways. What I typically do, is see if your chakras align and how well. The more that align the better, the heart being the most important.


Property or House Reading

For this I use the address in place of a name. Pictures are welcome. I pretty much read property like an entity. People usually request this for a new home, new baby, or if there has been discord in the home or haunting is suspected. I can do a lot remotely and energetically for a home. I can come to you home to do Clearing. I can also instruct you on how to clear your home yourself.


Pet / Animal Readings

A pet or animal communication a name is required or the type of animal. I can check their health or disposition, their perspective and communicate what you’d like to convey to them.


Energy Sessions

I offer Holy Spirit infusions, Reiki, Archangel energy work, Chakra clearing and balancing and Shamanic clearing these methods combined using aromatherapy, crystals, sound vibrations and light. My function is symbolically bringing a shower to you and turning on the flow. This is flooding the soul with white light and purging anything that doesn’t belong. Sometimes this is to remind the soul of what is true so it can self heal. Other times, you’ll have acquired debris that needs to be removed and you’ve been unaware of it, just feeling the symptoms. I also work with the Archangels and their energies for specific patterns. Reiki and soul feng shui for other issues. I will use whatever and all that is required to boost, balance and clear your auric energy. I get messages with this process. I do this in person and remotely.