Welcome to Universal Harmony!

Universal Harmony advocates a Oneness philosophy. Through self empowerment, you get in touch with your inner divine.

Go ahead open the door and walk through.

Renewal of who you really are, so you can shed the veils of disillusion and shine your inner light. Universal Harmony does not promote any particular religious dogma, just love and compassion for all.

World Peace with a little enlightenment showing the path to the Divine, we will ascend exponentially when we remember WE ARE ALL ONE.

Oneness with our true soul, the Divine, each other, with the cosmos.

Let's venture on this journey together with love and compassion as our guide.

We are the change. Let Love be your guide.

It's in Our hands!

love hands

There are many way to get started. This web site offers direction.

If you'd like KC Matronia's Soul Reflection Reading or Energy Session click on the Soul Reflection tab on the right.

I can help you find your way, find clarity, connect to loved ones on either side of the veil. I can read the energy of your home, pets and clear if you feel haunted, plagued or otherwise overwhelmed. I can do this in person or just as easily remotely by e-mail. E-mail allows me to type the reading out for you to reflect on later.

If you'd like to explore KC's Phoenix Rising Aromatherapy spiritual vibrational elixirs, click on the Aromatherapy tab.

To find out more about how to clear your energy and that of your home or space, click on Angel Messages tab. This page also includes cosmic and  channeled angel messages.

Suggested materials in the reference tab.

Wonderful talented friends in the network tab.

Namaste, KC Matronia

Good Day Columbus News, KC is giving Johnny DiLoretto a Soul Reflection reading at the Gift of Light Expo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EErhlvW72I               news Kc Matronia

Upcoming EVENTS 2016 with KC Matronia


Pop Culture Super Con Eerie Pa Oct 28-30, 2016